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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

International Airport to be built in Halabja town ( K Sat)

On Tuesday, the head of Halabja municipality Khidr karim said that 1500 Donum, by the order of KRG, have been provided to an international airport that would be constructed by Americans in the town of Halabja, belongs to the Sulaimani province, and a close media source said U.S would make the land as a military airport until it becomes a military base later. Speaking to voices of Iraq news agency, head of Halabjay Shaheed( chemical bombarded town of Halabja) municipality Khidir Kareem Muhamed said “We have been asked by the KRG to provide 1500 donum land to construct a civil airport that I think it would be for Americans, and we have designed project”. Regarding the purpose of constructing this airport, the Kurdish official said he had not detailed information The project is expected to be built in Halabja, approximately 83 kilometers away from south western sulaimany “I do not have much information about the details but it is only that they asked us for 1500 donum land and called it for airport but I think the airport would be a civil airport”. The official was quoted by the agency as saying.

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